“The Voice of Small & Rural Libraries”

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) is a professional network dedicated to the positive growth and development of libraries serving rural and small communities.  ARSL believes in the value of our libraries and strives to create resources and services that address their national, state, and local priorities.  Though not entirely comprehensive, ARSL serves membership and constituents in the following ways:

  • Develops a place to join in the conversation about rural and small libraries
  • Gives a unique rural and small perspective and expand the reach and access to information
  • Offers opportunities to exchange ideas online and in person with each other
  • Maintains a members-only e-list where meaningful discussion can take place
  • Provides forums for rural blogs and other social networking sites as part of our resources
  • Shares successes, stories, challenges and ways to solve barriers to access unique to the sustainability of rural librarianship
  • Creates sample policies relevant to your community library
  •  Plans an annual rural & small conference catered specifically to the perceived needs of rural librarians
  • Increases recognition, awareness, and visibility for rural librarians
  • Act as a liaison between librarians and legislative matters and advocate on behalf of rural libraries
  • Offers scholarships to ARSL conferences
  • Partners with State and local organizations to strengthen relationships

ARSL Mission

ARSL builds strong communities through advocacy, professional development, and elevating the impact of rural and small libraries.

ARSL Vision

As the premier organization representing rural and small libraries, ARSL recognizes the uniqueness of small and rural libraries and is committed to providing an environment that encourages excellence within this community of practice, supporting their goals of service and speaking on behalf of this important constituency.

ARSL Values

Accessibility:  Providing equitable services, events, and information that are inclusive of all and reflect the diversity of our community.

Responsive Service: Acting with initiative, creativity, and flexibility, and utilizing technology to provide high quality service that is timely and relevant to member needs.

Intellectual Freedom:  Dedicated to defending free and unhindered access to information and supporting library users’ right to privacy.

Professionalism:  Supporting the development of skilled practitioners at every level of librarianship and promoting professional respect in an environment where all feel welcome.

Collaboration:  Partnering with other agencies and organizations to advance shared goals.

Accountability:  Effective and efficient stewardship of member resources, promoting transparent communication and ethical conduct on the part of organizational leadership.

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